Cards Against Disney | Adult Card Game | Red Edition


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  • The perfect adult card game for adult Disney fans with a dark sense of humour
  • Read out a red question card & complete the sentence with your funniest answer cards
  • Relentlessly hilarious adult card game designed with Disney lovers in mind
  • Create ridiculous & raunchy combinations of cards to make your friends cringe, laugh, or cry
  • This set features 260 red question cards and 568 white answer cards

Cards Against Disney | Adult Card Game Description

Pick up this card game for horrible people when you’re looking for a fun party game with your friends. Just like other adult card games of a similar type, Cards Against Disney is the perfect rude party game for between four to 20+ players and is a hilarious, raunchy game to play to ruin your favourite childhood movies. While most Disney-related products tend to lean on the innocent and wholesome quality of the lovable animated characters, Cards Against Disney is the absolute opposite of this featuring cards that will make any Disney fan blush!

A game can last anywhere from 30-90 minutes and is perfect for adult-only parties of up to 20 friends and family members. Thankfully, the rules are incredibly easy to follow! To begin, each player is dealt a set amount of white answer cards – each one as wicked as the next – one player then begins proceedings by choosing one of the red question cards which they read aloud. Players then respond with their funniest, rudest, or most scandalous white card and the person who read out the red card chooses a winner. Rounds continue in this manner and the player who amasses the most red cards is crowned the victor!

Whether you are a Disney princess or villain, every grown-up Disney fan will find this (unofficial) card game hilarious. It’s advised you only play with your closest friends – they’ll never see you the same way again!

Manufacturer’s description:

  • Cards Against Disney is a party game for horrible people, unlike most party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Disney is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends!
  • This game is a must for all Disney fans with an evil sense of humour.
  • Its GUARANTEED to bring hours of laughs!
  • You don’t want to miss out on owning this game if you are a fan!
  • 828 PLAYING CARDS! ( 260 RED Cards & 568 White Cards


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Cards against disney image 1
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Cards against disney

Detailed Product Information

Manufacturer Recommended Age 17+
Material Card
Colour Red, White
Width 12.5cm
Length 33cm
Height 85cm
Weight 1.36kg


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